Our Favorite Things

A few of our favorite things:

  • Jade Gua Sha Tool: Gua Sha brings energy to stagnant areas and improves blood circulation. The Jade Heart is our favorite gua sha tool.

  • Po Sum On: Po Sum On is one of our favorite oil and herb blends for muscle pain.

  • doTERRA Peppermint Roll-on: Peppermint dilates blood vessels so it can reduce congestion, and this doTERRA roll-on has analgesic properties. You can roll it on those congested areas, but don’t get it too close to the eyes.

  • doTERRA Lavender Roll-on: Help yourself re-charge by getting quality sleep. Wake up in the middle of the night? Roll some lavender on the bottoms of your feet to help you get back to sleep.

  • Gan Mai Da Zao Tang: We call it Happy Tea. Don’t let the hectic holiday lines keep you stressed. Have yourself a little cup of happy tea!

  • Hand and foot massage: Give yourself the gift of relaxation before bed. A quick hand and foot massage before bed can help you get to sleep.